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A future-conscious avant-garde design-label .Our goal is to provide interior products with a maximal life-cycle through durable construction and good timeless design with a little poetry and soul.
The small and exclusive collection is produced in the Netherlands and available trough this website and a small network of dealers.

The design of PLANKTON-products aims to be good timeless design with a little poetry and soul, objects you don't want to throw away.

The goal is to use the product as long as possible. The designs are durable and made to last.

Only carefully selected materials are used for creating the collection:

A strong flexible beautiful and renewable material. Bamboo grows without the help of fertilizers. The bamboo tree is mature enough to be cut after three years. The trees are processed into the most environmentally sustainable wood on Earth .Protected by a waterproof, washable compostable coating made of natural oils and other ingredients.
C2C glass:
The only glass in the world to receive a cradle to cradle certificate.

PLANKTON-products are shipped the most economical and with minimal environmental footprint. Where possible groupage-shipping is applied: Space in containers is used by multiple smaller shipments, sharing space and costs. All shipments are climate-neutral-compensated. Plankton products are designed to be able to be shipped using as less space as possible.

All products are designed by: J.P.Meulendijks design studio

J.P. Meulendijks (1972) independent designer. Designer of furniture ,lightning, and other interior products for various international clients. Designs are made from concept till production-ready technical drawings, and in some cases: end-products. His work is often published and exhibited. Some designs are awarded, others part of a museum-collection. Besides designing for international clients, J.P. also designs, develops, produces, and distributes his own design label "nu-collection".
In 2010 the focus is put on environment ,ecological design and sustainability. After a long research: a new biodegradable material was developed: "ECOLOTEK ". Together with new designs and a new mission: this resulted in a new label : PLANKTON"

"I like to describe my work as: fresh, soulful, minimal, with a slice of humor, designed by my own way of thinking, brought back to the essence of the idea. I like to use iconic and archetype images, forms and objects, which everybody will recognize, which I will interpret and use in a different way. I try to put a little poetry and soul into a object. The idea usually defines the design of the product."

Clients include: PLANKTON / NEXT home collection/ Van Esch / DARK / Karlsson-clocks / PT-home / IKIbeer / Nextime / Jansen+co / Duo-design / LS-works / Melaja /Innermost / Kikkerland / Umbra / WK-Wu / Interior-tools / Mobach / B&W-clocks./ Leitmotiv